Corporate Mission

Cardinal works with leaders, professionals, and executives in their pursuit of excellence.
As professional advisors, we share our knowledge and experiences as we assist our clients with their fundamental planning,
  processes and professional development.
Above all else, we enhance their quality of life and increase the value of their organization.

Core Values
Five Core Values guide and govern all our actions. They include:

1. Respect
  We follow the Golden Rule. We treat ourselves and others with dignity, kindness and respect.

2. Passion
  We love what we do. We are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. We bring a positive energy to our clients.

3. Focus
  We strive for order and clarity in all we do. We remain focused on our most important projects and tasks. We pay attention to the details. We get the job done.

4.   Positive Change
  We inspire and affect positive change. We encourage others to advance confidently on their journey. We lift people!

5. Integrity
  We do the right thing. We are loyal and trustworthy.